The Yup Nope Video

This is the original “Yup, Nope” song that the kids can’t get enough of on TikTok

Africa Peanut Lentil Harissa Soup

This is a great soup — one of my all-time favorites. It’s a bit of work but it is absolutely worth it. What is most interesting about this soup and my recipe is that you hand-blend up-front and then cook the veggies and lentils after the first blending. I also recommend this soup as a great […]

The #TikTok Renegade Dance

A meme is a meme is a meme. I’m not sure why this is the rage, but it is so here you go: Hit the woah Alligator Paint the wind Ride that wave Sexy seagull flap Wait (“Wait”) Swing punch (“renegade”) Snap in yo face (“renegade”) Rock forward rock to the left (“renegade, renegade”) Toss […]